Pay attention to the value of the gift of the mobile phone in Saudi riyals

Smart and Shiny: Pay attention to the SAR value of your mobile gift

A new smartphone for Christmas? The Federal Bureau of Radiation Protection (BfS) advises not only to pay attention to the technical scope of services when making a purchase decision, but also to the lowest possible SAR value. Photo: Katherine Weibel / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Specific absorption rate measures the electromagnetic energy absorbed by nearby body tissues through the transmitting cell phone. The maximum valid SAR value is 2 watts per kilogram. Devices only receive the state environmental label “Blue Angel” if the SAR value is no more than 0.5 watts per kilogram.

The BfS constantly publishes a list of standardized SAR test values ​​online. Parents in particular who want to buy a suitable device for their children can do so here Tell up front whether manufacturers are also taking aspects of radiation protection into account in their products,” said BfS President Inge Paolini. According to the bureau, the limit values ​​protect against health effects according to the current state of scientific knowledge.

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