December 10, 2023

Paving the way for Brandenburg Science: Science Slam in Schwedt/Oder May 13, ICU Investor Center Uckermark GmbH, press release

Paving the way for Brandenburg Science: Science Slam in Schwedt/Oder May 13, ICU Investor Center Uckermark GmbH, press release

On May 13, 2022 at 7pm the first Brandenburg Science Championship will take place at BrauWerk Schwedt/Oder. Brandenburg scholars present their topic in a realistic, understandable and entertaining way. The audience joins in and decides who will become the Schwedter Science Slam Champion.

A science competition is about experimenting with science outside a lab or lecture hall. Topics varied: smart machines – fiction or reality? Can you make tropical wood from local wood? How can complex politics be explained in an amusing and funny way? Sipping a cold drink in the relaxed atmosphere of BrauWerk, viewers can be inspired and vote for the contribution they like best.

The special thing about this event: The Brandenburg Science Slam will take place simultaneously at seven locations across the state. Events are organized by university attendance offices in the state of Brandenburg. The aim of the evening is to open a theater for various sciences and to arouse the public’s enthusiasm for science. The sponsor is Dr. Mangga Scholl, Minister of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

For the Minister of Science, Dr. It is clear to manga-shouls that science is diverse: “Science controls […] And electrified. Science is the future, science can be a thriller, and science can be science fiction. “Above all, it’s not boring.

Come by May 13, 2022 and find out what science could be up to you – the future, a crime thriller, science fiction, or something completely different? Schwidt | Uckermark invites you to this event. Be there and pick your Schwedt/Oder winner.

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The event is aimed at the science and laughter-loving citizens of Uckermark and Barnim. Subscription is free.

Registration is required at:

Address and time

Brewery / Hotel Altstadt Quartier
Louis Harlan Str. 1

16303 Schwedt / Oder

Starts at 7:00 PM
Ends around 9:00 PM

Invitation to media representatives

You are invited to participate in the first Brandenburg Science Slam competition on May 13, 2022. Prior notice is required.

via Schwidt | Okermark

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