May 23, 2024

Passwords in the hands of hackers

Passwords in the hands of hackers

It is said that master passwords from LastPass password manager are in the hands of hackers. The company warns users about login attempts by bots.

The basics in brief

  • It is said that Lastpass master passwords are in the hands of hackers.
  • The password manager warns its users about login attempts from unknown devices.
  • Those affected must immediately change their password and activate two-factor authentication.

Warning to all users of LastPass password manager: apparently, master passwords should be In the hands of hackers condition. It appears that users received an email with a message that strangers tried to log in with the correct password.

However, LastPass blocked these login attempts because they were made from unknown locations or unknown devices. Users are now asked to take a closer look at these login attempts.

The company currently expects this hacker For this Login attempts by bots They are responsible. However, according to the American magazine Bleeping the computer There is no evidence that LastPass servers have been compromised. This means that the passwords were obtained from other sites where users used the same login.

So definitely a must for all password manager users Your master password Change and activate two-factor authentication.

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