April 13, 2024

Party Congress in Beijing - Xi Jinping consolidates power - News

Party Congress in Beijing – Xi Jinping consolidates power – News


A resolution will be passed at this year’s party convention. It is said to strengthen the influence of Xi Jinping.

When the annual party congress begins in China on Monday, all eyes will be on party leader and party leader Xi Jinping. It is expected to strengthen its strength in the long term. Within a year, he then wants to be confirmed at the party’s third term meeting.

He abolished the presidency a few years ago. “For many, this was a taboo break and a clear indication of his intention to stay in office for a longer period,” says Martin Aldrovandi, a correspondent for China’s SRF channel.

“Now it should be a matter of consolidating his claim so that he can stay in power beyond 2023.” At the present party congress, a historic resolution must also be passed: a resolution on the party’s history, party achievements and experiences, they say. It’s not yet known exactly what’s in it, says Aldrovandi. “But Xi Jinping’s policy should definitely be a part of it.”

There is no back in sight

Xi Jinping has been China’s most powerful leader for decades. “He has greatly expanded his power in recent years,” the reporter says. There is currently no heir in sight. “Because under his leadership countless competitors within the party were withdrawn from circulation.” For example, when you open the newspaper or watch TV, it is everywhere. Likewise on social media. “Xi Jinping has his own app,” says Aldrovandi.

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“This is really incomparable to its predecessors, which had no such existence before.” But how is this received in your country? “Officially, of course, there are only positive reports,” he explains. “For example, shortly before the party congress, the state news agency wrote a kind of tribute, a portrait of Xi Jinping.”

With Shi, critics talk about “that person” and then you already know who it is.

It speaks of a tireless party leader with deep thoughts and feelings: “Shi is a man of determination, a man of action, a man of vision.” There is criticism but only behind closed doors. There are very few left who express themselves critically in public. They have to be very careful.”

For many, they no longer dared to mention Xi Jinping’s name. “Then they simply say ‘this person’, for example, and then you already know who it is.”