December 3, 2023

Partner protectors for Home Connect Plus

Partner protectors for Home Connect Plus

(extract from press release)

April 2021 Smart products make life easier and more convenient. As a partner in Home Connect Plus, a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, Hama is now going one step further.

All Hama smart products from the lighting, electrical and heating areas can now be operated not only via the special Hama app, which is still used for installation and configuration, but also via the Home Connect Plus app. Thus, consumers have the huge advantage of being able to easily connect smart home products from a wide range of manufacturers. Everything is centrally controlled and conveniently located from an app.

One App – Unlimited Possibilities

The Home Connect Plus partner network allows interaction between many devices from different manufacturers in a customizable automation, exactly according to personal desires and needs. For example, a “good night” scene can be created where all the lights in the house go out when the bedside lamp is turned off, unnecessary consumers are disconnected from the power supply by smart plugs, the blinds are lowered, the garage door is closed and the security system is activated.

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