November 28, 2023

Parler's Partnership With A Russian Internet Company - What Can Go Wrong?

Parler’s Partnership With A Russian Internet Company – What Can Go Wrong?

Parler – the social media network that pretends to be a bastion of free speech because it allows its users to deliver hate speech and plot to overthrow the United States, but bans left-leaning users – has teamed up with DDoS-Guard, a company based in Putin’s theocratic dictatorship oligarchy.

from New York times:

Experts said that if Parler routes its web traffic through DDoS-Guard when its website is completely back, then Russian law could enable the Russian government to monitor Parler users.

Alina Polyakova, Head of the European Policy Analysis CenterHe said, a foreign policy think tank in Washington, that Russia has asked many of the country’s internet companies to do so Technology installed that Government feeds A copy of a lot of data that passes through their computer servers.

Monitoring system known as System of operative investigation activities“Basically, the Russian government is allowed to intercept any data on Russian soil and provide that data to the FSB,” said Ms. Polyakova, Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, who has studied Russia’s control over the Internet. She added that it was unclear if the DDoS-Guard would be subject to such monitoring.

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