December 8, 2023

Parachutist and climate activist James Brown: His hand is stuck in the plane in protest - now imprisoned - sport

Parachutist and climate activist James Brown: His hand is stuck in the plane in protest – now imprisoned – sport

Don’t tell anyone that the Paralympics aren’t funky and that’s exactly why they like it. However, they can take it to the extreme – or in this case – an airplane. Anyway, former Paralympics winner James Brown of Northern Ireland was sentenced to prison for an unusual campaign to protect the environment.

Some time ago, lying on top of a British Airways plane, he fixed his hand there with strong glue. Perhaps to prevent the start – and he wanted to support the Extinction Rebellion’s climate protection campaign in an extreme way. Brown even filmed his environmental movements from there and posted them online. “Oh, I am afraid of heights. I have to stop the live broadcast, I am so afraid.”

As reported by several news portals, the visually impaired Paralympic winner has to go to prison for disrupting air traffic in Great Britain. The 56-year-old, two-time cycling gold medalist in 1984 in New York, took this top spot at London City Airport in October 2019 during the campaign by the environmental movement rebel against the extinction of civilization on Earth as brought about by global warming. .

According to the indictment, which was reported by several media outlets, Brown, who is listed among the passengers of the plane, suddenly boarded a British Airways plane two years ago and stuck his hand on its outer cover. Pictures showed him on his stomach and bare torso on the plane that was supposed to take off to Amsterdam.

Brown should actually be behind bars for six months

Brown has now been sentenced to twelve months in prison before Southwark Crown Court, six months of which the very famous sports star will have to serve – in the truest sense of the word, this time it is a real prison sentence, various media outlets have written. To add a little humor to this rude thing.

The judge did not consider the matter mathematical and said the punishment was intended to deter those who “seriously disturb the lives of ordinary people in the name of protest”. More than 300 passengers were affected, and James Brown had “shamelessly exploited” his disability. It took an hour for his hand to get off the plane. Brown himself has stated that he wants to do “something amazing” to draw more attention to the climate crisis.

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Well, the action sounds amazing, but it makes less sense. His hand would certainly not remain intact, let alone his image. With all the extreme love, the procedure seems gaga and really ineffective. According to Brown, his daughter has been the inspiration for climate protests in recent years. He will only feel that she grew up behind bars for a long time in prison.

If James Brown had thought about his further athletic career, having been active in winter sports as a Paralympione racer, as an athlete, as an alpine skier and even as a cross-country skier – that might have cooled his mind a bit.

On the other hand, one can take credit for him: he’s managed to keep the topic of geothermal heating warm in reporting for years in a crazy way. We hope you will earnestly encourage each of us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our living environment. Because the topic of global warming is not funny at all, whether it is sports or not.

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