December 8, 2023

Paper Cut Mansion

Paper Cut Mansion – Experience the scary detective action coming soon in Paper Cut Mansion – Tower

Publisher Thunderful Games and developers Space Lizard Studio have a horror game Paper Cut Palace announce it Later this year to Nintendo Switchand PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. The adventure also features roguelite elements, which is why you will visit said mansion over and over to uncover the different mysteries that lie across the countless floors.

In Paper Cut Mansion, you play Toby, a police detective who wakes up on the street leading to the old mansion. Use your detective skills and collect new clues with each round to uncover the story behind the building. The characters you meet can help and hinder you as you complete mission after mission. Learn new skills and upgrade your equipment to get better every round. But beware of the jump mechanic, which allows you to jump between alternate versions of the same location. Paper Cut Mansion also impresses with its unique graphics, with each texture hand drawn on paper, scanned and finally modeled into 3D paperwork.

Can a first impression of the Paper Cut Palace convince you?

Reference: jimatsuAnd YouTube (jimatsu)

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