June 21, 2024

Overtaking speed is not always there

Ferrari suffered a major blow at the Canadian GP. It was the first Formula 1 race without points since a double technical failure at Baku 2022. While Charles Leclerc was forced to play poker with engine problems, Carlos Sainz could not give a technical reason. The Spaniard was too slow.

Carlos Sainz: Very slow at first, then high risk

After the Ferraris’ double exit in Q2, the red racers were expected to catch up in the race. But this did not come. At Leclerc for a well-known reason. Sainz, on the other hand, was confused: “Of course the contact we had in this crazy race caused some damage to the car. But not enough speed to make any overtaking manoeuvres.” Disputes with Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas have been noted. Even with minor damage to the front wing, a Ferrari can usually assert itself against the midfield cars. But it didn’t work in wet Montreal.

Ferrari runs midfield in Montreal, Photo: LAT Images

In the last third of the race, the Spaniard regained his courage: “It was only at the end of the race when we went on slicks that I had the feeling that there might be a chance for a few points. I tried to take some risks to overtake some people on the TRS train.” But it was more dangerous: “I wanted to be close in sector 2 and maybe I touched a wet spot. I don’t know exactly. It was very strange that I lost the car in the middle of the curve.” After some time, he stopped his car as it was badly damaged.

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Ferrari one second behind in qualifying: something must have gone wrong

As a result of the spin, the Spaniard took Williams driver Alex Alban with him as he could no longer get out. Alban could be his teammate next year as Williams aggressively favors the services of Sains. Sainz already noted on Saturday that Ferrari was close to a Williams in the Grand Prix: “It was clear that the others did better with the tires. In the race we were simply stuck in the middle of the field. Couldn’t make any ground.”

“This year we are a little weaker in qualifying than in the race, but because we were a second behind in Q2, something went wrong with our car,” said the fourth in the world championship. One topic mentioned was the tyres, but Ferrari should probably do a serious analysis beyond that, as there were no broken engines or damaged front wings in qualifying.

Fred Vasseur: All the tricks of the season in one race with Canada hopes

Also team pass In view of the tragedy, Fred Wasser can only react with gallows humor at the beginning: “Everything went wrong from the beginning. I hope we unloaded all the garbage of the season in one weekend.” Nevertheless, the Frenchman did not panic or take action. Despite the bankruptcy, he has no doubts about his team’s work: “Sometimes you have the feeling that everything is going wrong and against you. But that doesn’t change the way we operate as a team or as drivers. That applies in good times and bad times.”

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This way of working involves a thoughtful approach. “If you look at this weekend, it was very difficult, but you have to look at all the problems individually,” Vasseur said. According to him, there is no reason why Ferrari cannot compete again in the next races. Carlos Sainz thinks so: “I think Canada was a slip-up. A special race.” It’s promising for him and his fans, as the next Grand Prix will be Sainz’s home game in Barcelona.