July 13, 2024

‘Overcoming what separates’ – Greens and FDP see themselves on the right track in government formation – News

‘Overcoming what separates’ – Greens and FDP see themselves on the right track in government formation – News

  • The Greens and the FDP see themselves on the right track ahead of talks with the SPD and the Union to form a government.
  • After another joint meeting, party leaders Annalena Barbock, Robert Habeck (Green Party) and Christian Lindner (FDP) were satisfied.
  • The co-chair of the Green Party, Annalena Barbock, said in Berlin that after the federal elections there will be an order to form a new coalition. “This is also a historic moment in our society, in our country.” This presupposes a policy that is not geared towards the lowest common denominator, but rather provides a “real breakthrough” and renewal – especially with key future tasks, where there has been a stalemate for years. For this, reliable discussions are essential.

CDU/CSU lost nearly nine percentage points

In the September 26 elections, the Greens had their best result yet with 14.8 percent and are now the third strongest force in Parliament. The FDP improved to 11.5 per cent and is the fourth strongest party in the future Bundestag. Both SPD (25.7%) and second CDU/CSU (24.1%) election winners need coalition partners to govern.

The CDU and CSU ruled Germany in coalitions with Chancellor Angela Merkel for 16 years, starting in 2013 with the Social Democratic Party. In the elections, it lost nearly nine percentage points compared to the relatively poor 2017 election results (32.9%).

    FDP leader Christian Lindner described the election as a turning point. “The people decided to reverse the status quo, something new must be created in Germany.” The Green Party and the Free Democratic Party are the two political forces that have most turned against the status quo, according to Lindner.

We feel we are jointly tasked with organizing a new trip in Germany.

“We feel that together we have the task of organizing a new departure in Germany.” There will be discussions on how to overcome common divisions and bridges that can be built. There are differences in climate protection and financing.

“realistic discussion”

    Robert Habeck, co-chair of Green, said both parties are in favor of change, but not necessarily the same type of change. It’s “enormous” what has happened in the past few days, building a culture of discussion that makes fact-oriented discussion possible.

    The Green Party and the Free Democratic Party began talks on forming a government on Tuesday. From Sunday, the SPD, the CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, will enter talks. Both are fighting for an alliance with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party – either the so-called Traffic Light Coalition under the Social Democratic Party or the so-called Jamaica Coalition under the Union leadership.

You can calculate the probabilities using the coalition calculator

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