Overcome one of the last obstacles

Microsoft’s big Activision Blizzard acquisition could enter the final round. Having reported repeatedly in recent months about the difficulties Microsoft sees itself running into over monopoly concerns, this culminated in a rather vague message about Call of Duty just a few days earlier. Because Sony might be afraid that Microsoft will add a lot of bugs to the PlayStation version of the shooter. Microsoft’s promise to bring Call of Duty to all other platforms, even the Nintendo Switch, for at least ten years has caused a stir. Because of this promise, British regulators now seem confident that a takeover will not be a problem. A major step towards completing the $69 billion deal…

The deal does not result in “much less competition”

Microsoft’s $69 billion deal to buy Activision Blizzard came in handy for the Redmond-based group yesterday Friday: British regulators announced in a preliminary decision that the acquisition wouldn’t hurt competition, though they previously hinted the Xbox maker might have to spin off the Call of Duty business. until the transaction is completed.

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