Over 260 Reports in the First Year – Rushing to a New Office to Report Potential Ethics Violations – Sports


The annual report by Swiss Sport Integrity shows that there is a great need for a new point of contact in the event of potential ethical breaches.

The new office for reporting potential ethical violations or abuses in Swiss sport already had a lot of work to do in its first year. The annual report from Swiss Sport Integrity (SSI), formerly Antidoping Switzerland, shows that 264 reports were received in 2022. The new point of contact was created after violations in artistic gymnastics became known in autumn 2020.

Only about half of the reports can be processed (137). Precautionary measures were taken in 4 cases, and investigations started in 42 cases.

I was surprised by the high number of reports

According to director Ernst Koenig, the high number of reports came as a surprise. On the other hand, we’d rather not have a reason to contact us. On the other hand, we are pleased with the vote of confidence,” Koenig says.

The type of reporting is very heterogeneous, and more than 40 sports were affected last year. About a third of the violations involve violations of psychological integrity, followed by physical and sexual integrity. There is often a combination of several elements,” explains Koenig.

12 Doping Offenses

The number of doping controls rose to 2,329, setting a new record. And the number of seizures of banned substances is higher than ever. This represents a 33% year-over-year increase, which equals 1,115 law enforcement forfeits.

In total, SSI found 12 anti-doping rule violations and thus issued 7 bans in 2022, among others.

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