July 13, 2024

Out of Whack – Nobody Hears ::: review (2022)

Out of Whack – Nobody Hears ::: review (2022)

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out whack Come from Ulm and play a crossover game that perfectly blends hardcore punk, thrash metal and punk. Bands that could be used as a good comparison would be DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, Anthrax and of course suicidal tendencies. Of course, because they It was inside my head in the album Nobody hears Then also covered. This is not bad at all.

But their music also comes in well. What I love the most is the title that needs no explanation This is crossExactly, that’s it. Other songs are called killer poser or We live and they sleep. Anyway, you feel like you’ve nicely transitioned to the ’80s. to me smile and swipe There is a nice video from the training room.


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Maybe some info about the lyrics. It’s not as striking as the titles sometimes. “Out of Whack” means “out of joint” or “out of balance.” A live clip of the singer can be seen making an announcement about depression on her Facebook page. A recurring theme in the lyrics and possibly the reason for the cover of the original text.

Album data: Released via Dedication Records, recorded at Flair Sounds Studio. A total of 12 songs where Take your time It is a kind of intro and before It was inside my head Another break is coming. A CD copy has been sent in digipak as well as a tape. The album was released on July 22, 2022 and has a total runtime of 33:15.

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1. Feel free 1:19
2. Smile & Slam 03:20
3. Burn This Bridge 1:38
4. Fucking sleep 02:51
5. How do you feel 3:05
6. We live and sleep 03:32
7. Poser Killer 2:12
8. Formula 1:47
9. Interlude 03:17
10. It was in my head 03:35
11. This is Crossover 03:06
12. Nobody hears…the last stand 03:33