Orca attack: the Swiss sailing team’s yacht sinks in the Mediterranean

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Three orcas sink a Swiss sailing yacht in the Mediterranean Sea

Last week, a sailing yacht was attacked by three orcas. Whales attacked the ship again and again – until it finally sank off Gibraltar.


Here the sailing yacht can be seen in the port of Palma de Mallorca.

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  • A Swiss sailing yacht is in distress.

  • Three orcas attacked the ship and crashed into two holes in it.

  • The crew could be saved, but the ship sank off the coast.

On the night from Thursday to Friday last week, the Swiss sailing yacht “Alboran Champagne” lost three times. Killer whales attacked. There were four people on board the yacht as it was en route from Tenerife to Benalmadena in southern Spain.

Shortly before Gibraltar, the ship was in danger. Accordingly, he is said to have “cracked” over and over again. Captain Werner Schaufelberger of the Zurich Oberland told Yacht.de: “At first I thought we hit something. But then I quickly realized it was orcas that charged the ship.”

The yacht sank in the sea

Schaufelberger immediately stopped the ship’s engine and contacted the Spanish Coast Guard. This advised the crew to remain calm. However, Orcas had a different plan and continued to attack the yacht. The attacks were brutal. There were two smaller orcas and one larger orca.” The larger of the three whales attacked the ship repeatedly “with full force from the side,” and the smaller whale would have rocked the rudder, according to Shuffleberger.

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The whale attacks eventually caused two holes in the ship beside the rudder. The whole attack lasted about an hour and a half. Then the crew noticed a water leak. One of the holes was temporarily closed, but the crew needed help as soon as possible.

The Coast Guard came to the rescue about 20 minutes into the water. The four crew members were brought to the coast guard vessel, and the sailing yacht “Alboran Champagne” was towed. However, help came too late for the sailing yacht. The ship sank in the Mediterranean Sea shortly before the port of Salvation.

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