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This is enough. Conservatives in the United States have turned the clock up a bit in recent years. They enacted state anti-abortion laws for the state that would gradually restrict the right of women to perform abortions, which had been in effect since the 1973 Milestone Row Wade ruling, which was almost impossible regardless of the circumstances. On the one hand, it is said to protect the freedom of individuals, but, on the other hand, our anger is fueled by the unbelievable hypocrisy of those who seek to control their most intimate decisions.

So now even a rhetoric like that of the “big hit”, Donald Trump, is on target that Republicans will not pursue: if the leaked US Supreme Court ruling on the abortion law in Mississippi actually becomes law a few weeks later, then only those states can decide again whether abortion is illegal and punishable. Will do. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a human rights organization that advocates for women’s empowerment, more than half of all U.S. states no longer have the right to abortion. Sometimes the judgment of the Supreme Court is immediate.

The majority are Ro V. Received calf

But conservatives should not celebrate too soon. Because if the legal situation in the country now returns to what it was before 1973, there will be a big difference: we women will not tolerate it. And we have allies. Most Americans support the right to abortion and oppose the reversal of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling. This opinion has been stable for many years.

All those who fought and benefited from the right to self-determination in the 1970s will join hands with those who are being deprived of their rights today. Show more solidarity – words, deeds and donations. There are already ways and means to perform abortions for women living in states with very strict abortion laws. This is sometimes difficult and expensive because the prohibition laws of the “Christian” fundamentalists mainly affect women with less money and less education. But it is not impossible. Abortion will continue to be legal in many US states.

We have something else: social media. The outcry that rocked Twitter last night cannot be ignored. Protests took place in front of the Supreme Court in Washington shortly after the first report of the draft ruling was released. Millions of women – and men – in many American cities from New York and Washington to Denver to San Francisco will anticipate that their nightmare will come true. And they will arrange.

Motivation for the election campaign

Congress elections are also scheduled for November. The full House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are re-elected. So far, the chances for the Democrats are not good. They have only a slim majority in the Senate, and their equally small lead loss in the House of Representatives has already been widely predicted. If abortion rights are now revoked by the US Supreme Court, it will give the election campaign a new twist.

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As the Bible says, conservatives like to quote: He who sows the wind will reap the storm.

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