Opens in Great Britain: The Premier League matches will soon be open to up to 10,000 fans

In English stadiums, thousands of spectators will once again be able to participate in major sporting events from May 17th. Prime Minister Boris Johnson He confirmed the steps for the planned opening in London on Monday, which, in addition to the relaxed connectivity restrictions, includes restarting in many areas. The infection in Great Britain has greatly eased in the last few months, and infection for seven days has reached around 21.


Johnson’s way out of lockdown provides up to 10,000 spectators for this relaxing phase on the largest outdoor sports grounds where distance is possible. The last two days of the game Premier League It can happen again after a long time in front of a large audience. According to media reports, it is possible to allow up to 500 external fans per match.

Similar to Bundesliga The season in the Premier League was largely played by ghost games, that is, without spectators. However, in some games, depending on the injury, 2,000 or 4,000 fans were allowed. Among other things, due to the particularly contagious variant of the Coronavirus B1.1.7 that first appeared there, Great Britain was one of the countries hardest hit by the epidemic in Europe.

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