June 17, 2024

Open Pottery Day: Is there a day of remembrance for everything these days?  - Adviser

Open Pottery Day: Is there a day of remembrance for everything these days? – Adviser

The calendar used to include public holidays such as Saint Nicholas’ Day, Christmas, Labor Day, Mother’s Day and Christian holidays, the date of which depended on the year of the church. and offline?

Today, March 13, is our Open Pottery Day, in the US it is Check Your Batteries Day, in Thailand it is Elephant Day (not to be confused with World Elephant Day on August 12). Also on the calendar page: Chicken Noodle Soup Day, Earmuff Day and National Day Open your US indoor umbrella.

But who would think of such a thing?

What we see today as an inflation of fluctuating working days began with grave concern more than 70 years ago when the United Nations began proclaiming international days. The purpose of these opportunities is to educate the public on issues of concern, mobilize political will to tackle global problems and celebrate human accomplishments, the United Nations says.

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The first of these global days was Human Rights Day (10 December), which was established in 1950. For 2022, 192 United Nations days have so far been recorded. For example, it aims to raise awareness of women’s rights (March 8), happiness (March 20), protection of forests (March 21) and clean toilets (November 19).

Proposals for new UN World Days could come from member states or from UN bodies. The United Nations General Assembly in New York decides whether the draft will actually make it to World Day.

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On the Internet, associations, activists, and scammers are now calling out all sorts of days, for example the missing sock or the jogging pants. Bayreuth sociologist George Camphausen, 67, says: “These are shows that make you laugh, and they are also true and important. But creating a community like traditional memorial days doesn’t work with such measures.”