December 1, 2023

Only Germans know who will strike 30 minutes before a thunderstorm

Only Germans know who will strike 30 minutes before a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are expected again over Germany this weekend. However, meteorologists cannot say in advance exactly where these things will break out.

The basics in brief

  • At the end of the week, new thunderstorms are expected over Switzerland and Germany.
  • It could also hit our neighbors in recent floods again.
  • However, the weather service only knows who will strike 30 minutes before a thunderstorm.

On the weekends it happens in Switzerland for more thunderstorms Heavy rain was also announced in Germany. According to an expert from the German Meteorological Service, the situation is significantly different from the situation before the flood disaster.

Andreas Friedrich speaking to «SpiegelFrom the “usual summer thunderstorms”. There may be hail, storms and heavy rain with more than 40 liters of rain per square meter in an hour or two. “Storms happen at a local level so that thunderstorms fall in one place, and the sun may rise again in the next,” explains the meteorologist.

The youngest can also be on a Sunday night Flood regions of the Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia You get surprised by thunderstorms – but that’s not entirely certain yet. According to Frederick, it should only be firmer on Saturday mornings data Add. Then, the weather service can narrow down the areas affected by the storm and the duration of events more precisely, and then also release advance information.

The expert from the German Meteorological Service says: “We know exactly which locations will be affected and to what extent, unlike the low ‘Bernd’, but only 30 to 90 minutes in advance. To do this, we have to monitor the storm cells on the radar in a short time.”

Friedrich explained in an interview with the newspaper that there was no need to panic, but also said: “Storms should not be underestimated either. We will continue to monitor the situation closely over the next few days and issue a warning if necessary.”

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