Only a meter and a half away: Russian planes intercept three American planes over the Mediterranean – Politics

Russian planes intercept three American planes over the Mediterranean

According to US information, Russian planes are over the Mediterranean Three US Navy planes He was intercepted and in one case perilously approached the machine. Last weekend, three US Navy P-8A patrol aircraft were involved in various accidents intercepted in an “unprofessional” manner A Pentagon spokesman said on Wednesday. All American planes will haveIn international airspace over the Mediterranean” have found.

According to a US official, a Russian plane came dangerously close to the American pilot in one instance. The Wall Street Journal reported on one of them Only a meter and a half away. Accordingly, the Russian aircraft were Su-35 fighter aircraft.

The incident came amid tensions over the Ukraine crisis. “No one was hurt, but Such interactions can lead to miscalculation and errors“The results are more serious,” a Pentagon spokesman said. The United States protested to Russia through “diplomatic channels”.. The spokesman added that the United States would continue to “operate safely, professionally, and in accordance with international law in international waters and airspace.” We expect the same from Russia.” (AFP)

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