Olympics medal table 2021: All medals for each country – always updated

in 51 specialties, Tokyo 2020 (So ​​the official name) He fought for the Olympic gold medal. With karate, sports climbing, softball, skateboarding and windsurfing, five new sports are part of the Olympic programme. Even if both athletes and teams fight for themselves, of course: Many fans and officials traditionally look closely at the medal table. It shows which countries have achieved particular success. Here you can find the ranking, of course it is constantly updated.


How is the medal table determined?

The rules of the medal table are simple: It’s about gold! Countries are sorted by the number of gold medals won. For teams, of course, only one medal is awarded at a time. If several countries have the same number of gold medals, then the order is sorted first by silver, and then by bronze.

A number of countries do not appear on the list at all because they have not reached the podium in any competition. At least you can console yourself with the Olympic motto: Being there is everything.

What is happening in Tokyo now? You can find more information about the world’s largest sports festival in our website Olympia Center live and on the Olympia news page in the sports bell.

Medal table historically: this is how it was before

The United States is the measure of all things: Prior to Tokyo, the United States won 1,023 gold medals at the Summer Olympics — more than twice as many as any other country. They are followed by the Soviet Union (440) and Germany in third place (428). Then a large gap opens again. Great Britain comes fourth with 263 gold medals, ahead of China (224), France (212), Italy (206) and Hungary (175). As for the German value, the medals of the German Reich, FRG and GDR are included, in the case of the USSR also the United Team (in 1992), but not the successes of the successor states.

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