June 21, 2024

Olympic program today - this is Friday in Beijing - sports

Olympic program today – this is Friday in Beijing – sports

Today’s Olympic Program – This Friday in Beijing – Sports – SRF

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Friday is devoted to the opening of the twenty-fourth Winter Olympic Games. But there are also other fixed points in 3 locations in Beijing.

Swiss expeditions on Friday live on SRF in webcast and in the sports app:


the net

Mixed, Round Robin
Canada – Switzerland

Beret / Rios


Alpine skiing

Departure men
2. Training

Ernie, Chaples, Fuse, Millard, Moriser, Hintermann, Odermatt, Rogentin


ice hockey

Women, preliminary round
Russian choice – Switzerland


opening ceremony

Introduction: What follows in the sequel?

Swiss mixed soccer players, downhill specialists, and ice hockey players have already acquired a certain routine in Beijing. Because their competitions and training sessions started before the official opening. Jenny Perrett/Martin Rios will play their fourth game of the group against Canada on Friday. The Alps are approaching Sunday morning’s showdown in their second training run, and the women’s national ice hockey team is taking action over the Russian selection in its second appearance in Beijing.

Big party at the National Stadium

The kick-off for the 24th Winter Games will be transmitted on Friday at 1.30pm Swiss time (live on SRF Zwei and in the sports app) with the opening ceremony at the “Bird’s Nest”. Having entered all the nations, each with a flag-bearing duo, the main part is the lighting of the Olympic torch. Otherwise, the event of about 3,000 heroes will bring the art and culture of China even closer. The beginning of the Chinese spring is the thematic focus, it falls on the opening day. As a director, Zhang Yimou, who also directed the fortunes of the 2008 Summer Games, also held in Beijing, is a creative show with many delightful elements.

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