Olympia News: Augsburger takes bronze – huge vortex around German athletes

Sideris Tasiadis slalom boat racer celebrates his bronze medal.

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At the 2021 Olympics, the triathlon will actually take place on the track. Germany will celebrate in the morning also the third medal. Olympic Monday in the news ticker.

  • Olympia 2021*: Monday (26 July) there are a number of competitions at the Summer Games.
  • In the triathlon, the German athlete Jonas Schaumburg is angry – in the canoe there was the third German medal.
  • The most important Olympic day news from Tokyo is here in the news ticker.

Monday, July 26, 11:34 a.m.: Defeating Germany in tennis: Jan-Lennard Struve had to admit defeat to favorites Novak Djokovic in two sets (4:6, 3:6). Alexander Zverev easily won his match against Colombian Daniel Elahi Galan and reached the Round of 16.

Olympic Pointer: Canoeist Tasiades Takes Bronze

Monday, July 26 at 9.45 a.m.: Germany has the third medal! Sideris Tasiadis slalom racer from Augsburg wins bronze at Canadier-One. The gold went to Benjamin Savic of Slovenia and the silver to Lukas Rohan of the Czech Republic.

“I wasn’t completely satisfied with my last run. In the end it was just pure joy. It’s been a long way to get here, and the hard work was worth it,” he said into the ZDF microphone.

He had already taken the silver at the 2012 Olympics, but now he had to shudder to get his bronze to the finish. Meanwhile, top scorer Nadine Messerschmidt missed a medal for fifth in the skeet. There was also a bitter disappointment for table tennis player Petrissa Solga: she was abruptly eliminated in the first round at the individual level.

Monday, July 26 at 8.35 a.m.: Sideris Tasiadis (Augsburg) slalom racer competes for a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. At Canadier-One, the 2012 Olympic runner-up qualified sixth in the semi-finals of the top ten final at Kasai Kanui Slalom Center. The 31-year-old Tasiadis is one of the most promising slalom specialists for the German Boat Association (DKV). The final will also take place on Monday morning (8.45AM CET).

Olympia in the news ticker: No German medals in skeet and fencing

Monday, July 26 at 8:30 a.m.: Athletic shooter Nadine Messerschmidt (Suhl) narrowly missed a medal in skeet at the Tokyo Olympics. The 27-year-old athletic soldier finished fifth in Monday’s final and scored 26 injuries. Messerschmidt made two mistakes at first and slipped, but at first he was still within reach of the medal ranks. However, due to the strong performance of the competition, it no longer makes up the gap. After a playoff with two contenders with 120+5 goals, the European Championship’s fourth place went up to fifth in the last round of the best six in the afternoon.

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Monday, July 26 at 7:58 a.m.: Peter Jubisch was the last German fencer to be eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics. The veteran lost in the round of 16 to Czech Aleksandar Chubinic on Monday with a time of 13:15. And one lap before, he caused a surprise and defeated third-placed American Alexander Macialas. On the other hand, Benjamin Kleebrink was eliminated in his first battle. And he lost the 2008 Olympics champion, Alaa El-Din Abul-Qasim, in the 16th final with a time of 11:15. For the third German starter, Andre Sanita, the second round was over. Obviously, the Olympian lost to former Italian world champion Alessio Foconi with a time of 8:15.

Monday, July 26 at 7:40 a.m.: Skeet singer Nadine Messerschmitt of Suhl reached the Olympic final among the top six players. The 27-year-old Olympic rookie, who won the World Cup in Nicosia (Cyprus) last year and finished fourth in the European Championships in Osijek, Croatia, reached the finals on Monday at the Asaka Shooting Stadium with 120 goals. Fixed series of 24 in the two-day qualification. Since three starters booked 120 goals, there was an imposition. Messerschmidt finished this round as the second-best by five strokes and thus relegated to fifth. The best shooter in the qualifiers was China’s Meng Wei, who allowed herself only one miss and scored a total of 124 goals. In doing so, she was able to equal her own world record for qualifying as of 2019.

Monday, July 26 at 6:10 a.m.: Carla Burger and Julia Sodi also lost their second group match at the Olympic Beach Volleyball Championships in Tokyo and should fear an early finish in Japan. The Dusseldorf duo lost to Canadian world champion Sarah Pavan/Melissa Humana Paredes on Monday 0:2 (17:21, 14:21), so Germany’s first win of the Summer Games is still a long way off.

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Update from Monday, July 26 at 5.55am: Fencing fencer Peter Jobish caused a surprise at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and reached the last 16. The veteran of the German Fencing Federation beat third-placed American Alexander Macialas in the round of 32 on Monday with a time of 15:12.

Olympia 2021: Monday 26 July in the news tape – German hockey men lose to Belgium

Update as of Monday, July 26 at 5.50 a.m.: The first big hope for a German judoka victory erupted at the Tokyo Olympics. Teresa Stoll (Groshadern) lost her third World Cup bye in the first round of the Round of 16 against former Junior World Champion Eteri Lipartelliani of Georgia.

Update from Monday, July 26 at 5:10 a.m.Anna-Lena Friedsam was the last German tennis player to retire from the 2021 Olympics. The 27-year-old had no chance on Monday against French Open favorite Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia and clearly lost 1:6, 1:6.

Update as of Monday, July 26 at 4.10am: German hockey men lost their second group game at the 2021 Olympics. In Tokyo, national coach Kais El Saadi’s team lost to world champion and top candidate Belgium on Monday morning (local time) 1:3 (0:2). Martin Hahner scored the only German goal in the last division. Initially, DHB won a mandatory 7-1 victory over Canada.

Olympia 2021: Monday 26 July in the news ticker – fencer Peter Jubisch at work

Update from Monday, July 26, 3amFour-time world champion Peter Jubisch is among the top 32 fencing champions at the 2021 Olympics. The 38-year-old from Koblenz won his fight against Canadian Kai. Andrea Sanita defeated Siu Lun Cheung of Hong Kong and she also qualified. It turned 8:14 into 15:14.

Update from Monday, July 26th at 2am: There are two team sports for Germany in Tokyo, Japan. German hockey men will meet the World Championships in Belgium at 2:30 a.m. (CET), which is 9:30 a.m. local time. W: The German national handball team will face Argentina in the second preliminary round match at the 2021 Olympics – from 4:00 am CET.

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Olympia 2021: Monday 26 July in the news ticker – Collision with Jonas Schaumburg in the Triathlon.

First report from July 26: Munich / Tokyo – Olympia 2021 in Tokyo * has its first excitement. After an Argentine kicked his Spanish opponent, who was lying on the ground, in the head in a hockey game, early Monday morning (local time), a German athlete took part in a big fight.

German triathlon athlete Jonas Schaumburg of Hanover in Lower Saxony appears to have collided with Austrian Alois Knappl after a strong cycling performance. Knabel lost his bike chain in the crash. Then he angrily fired his bike at an ad squad and shouted angrily after Schaumburg, who can continue to drive. What happened? Both athletes collided apparently because Schomburg crashed his bike on a bump.

Olympia 2021: Monday 26 July in the news ticker – Trouble with German athletes

“Actually, I had a good day. But I fell on the fourth lap. There was a wave and I was lying on the floor. Actually everything was fine. But things can go that fast,” the German Olympian said after competing on the ZDF. “I drove over a wave in the curve and then we crashed,” he said. While Schaumburg continued, the competition was for the Tyrolean Knabl. Nothing worked with his bike.

Video: Two Olympic bronze medals for Germany – “We shook”

Schaumburg, who had been faintly hoping for a medal, could only follow Christian Blumenfeldt’s win from Norway. “I tried to drive. But the gap was really big,” the competing German athlete told him ZDF tracking. In the end it was only enough for 38th, and the second German, Justus Neschlag, was 40th.

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