July 17, 2024

Olympia-Heinz and Friedrich go into the round of 16 in the track race

Olympia-Heinz and Friedrich go into the round of 16 in the track race

IZO (dpa) – A day after Keren’s bankruptcy, Emma Haines and Leah Sophie Friedrich are hoping for an impressive report.

With their sovereign victories, the duo reached the round of 16 in cycling on the Olympic track in Ezo on Friday. There was no longer any trace of uncertainty as after her early failure the day before. The Olympic runner-up had already set the peak times on the oval in the team sprint during qualifying. Friedrich even set the Olympic record.

Brauße / Klein cut in Madison

For the Golden Girls Franziska Brauße (Eningen) and Lisa Klein (Erfurt), on the other hand, there was nothing to gain three days after their impressive victory in the four-man team event. The duo came after 30 kilometers in the so-called Madison competition after two laps on minus 40 points and 12th place. Great Britain (78) won the gold, ahead of Denmark (35) and the Russian Olympic Committee (26). In the men’s race, Harry Lafrisen scored a double victory over the Dutch ahead of Jeffrey Hoagland who finished second. Bronze went to British Jack Carlin.

There is still a long way to go for Heinz and Friedrich to take the Olympic throne. The first laps went smoothly. “We learned from our mistakes. I know what I did wrong. It’s all good. I got it,” Friedrich said, noting the early stop in the fight race the day before, and added, “It just made me more excited. .I really want to drive tomorrow. All.” He wants the medal.”

Vogel: The training area is not optimally prepared

World record champion Kristina Vogel – still an Olympic champion at Rio 2016 – sees the German team in the training area as too weak. “Every country out there has a national tactics coach, but not us. That’s no shame for Detlev Oebel,” Vogel told dpa. National coach Oibel, who is also in charge of the men’s runners, couldn’t do it all on his own. “You need a coach assistant. Someone is there to work out the tactics.”

Friedrich, who was trained by Vogel in the Federal Police, agreed, commenting, “It’s also difficult to create a new position. As an athlete, I can’t really say anything.” Vogel complained that it was a bad tactic in Keren from the start. “It’s a shame, the legs are just there. I hope you can get rid of that,” confirmed the paraplegic world record champion, who commented on the ZDF Olympics.

The 30-year-old finds it only natural that Haines would complain that her competitors drove against her. “Welcome to the World Champions Club. It has been like that for the past four years when I’ve been driving.” Vogel, who trains Friedrich with the Federal Police, is happy to offer Hinze’s support, but also knows: “It’s hard for the former world champion and the new world champion to find a relationship without being somehow beneficial or humiliating. Gradually I get a relationship with Emma there too ” .

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