July 15, 2024

Olympia 2021: Transgender Queen sets a milestone with Olympic victory in Tokyo

Olympia 2021: Transgender Queen sets a milestone with Olympic victory in Tokyo

Quinn became the first transgender person to win an Olympic medal — and a gold medal at that.

Quinn (25) has that single name, and last year he came out as transgender and nonbinary via Instagram. As an umbrella term, the latter includes people who are neither male nor female. Accordingly, Quinn prefers gender-neutral pronouns he/she.

“I wanted to be authentic in all areas of my life, and that includes public spaces,” Quinn said at the time. Because much of this space is (still) completely binary.

Olympia Tokyo 2020

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Most of all there are role models like Quinn of the OL Reign Club of America in Seattle, who raise awareness. “I’ve had messages from young people saying they’ve never seen a trans person in the sport,” Quinn told CBC after Canada sensationally defeated the USA in the semi-finals.

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There is still a long way to go to acceptance

The story of Quinn, who has been part of the Canadian women’s team since 2014, may have caused less interest around the Olympics because, unlike Hubbard, the question of physical merits is not raised. In Quinn’s view, there is still a long way to go toward greater acceptance.

“Trans girls are banned from sports, and trans women face discrimination and prejudice as they try to achieve their Olympic dreams,” Quinn said, summarizing the problem in sports. “The battle isn’t over yet,” Quinn said.

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Olympia Tokyo 2020

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