July 15, 2024

Olympia 2021 live: Showjumping final – will Germany win a medal?

Olympia 2021 live: Showjumping final – will Germany win a medal?

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Germany in the show jumping final today. Can the trio beat the competition and win an Olympic medal?

  • Germany’s national team shines in qualifying for the showjumping final at the 2021 Olympics.
  • National team coach Otto Becker is satisfied with his riders and hopes to win the medal.
  • Penalty points collected so far for the final match will be forfeited. All ten teams start from scratch.

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+++ 12.53 pm: France currently holds the top spot in the race for medals in showjumping at the 2021 Olympics. The standings determine the third-round standings. The teams will then compete in reverse order – France will be last.

+++ 12.51 pm: Belgium is on a par with the United States in terms of failure points and thus returned in the fight for the medal.

+++ 12.47 pm: After Switzerland, it was Maurice Tabeel’s turn with his stallion Don Diarado. He has 12 points and, like Andre Thieme, does only modestly.

Show jumping at Olympia 2021: Frankfurt gets only two penalty points

+++ 12.45 pm: Switzerland performs surprisingly poorly. Brian Balsiger scored 24 points from failure. This means that Switzerland’s medal dreams must become superfluous.

+++ 12.42 pm: The United States is also still in the race for the medal at the 2021 Olympics in showjumping. The team has only two penalty points and is currently in second place.

+++ 12.39 pm: France gets only two penalty points in the second round. Mathieu Bellow is putting France back together with his gray horse after the less brilliant performance at the start.

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Showjumping at Olympia 2021: Masters course in the Netherlands without mistakes

+++ 12.33 pm: The Brazilian team with rider Pedro Venez also offers a respectable ride. This puts Brazil in second place in the second round for the time being.

+++ 12.31 pm: After Sweden, the Netherlands also perfected a completely flawless drive in the second round. Dutch player Harry Smulders was impressed after his less successful first round with his team.

+++ 12.25 pm: Sweden puts in another great performance. Peder Fredricson leads the demanding path flawlessly. Now a new round begins.

Show jumping at the 2021 Olympics: Andre Thiem at the start in sixth place

+++ 12.21 pm: It’s Germany’s turn. Andre Thiem with his mare Chakaria received eight penalty points in a time of 78.74. He is currently in sixth place.

+++ 12.16 m: Laura Kraut from the United States completed the first error-free flight.

+++ 12.11 pm: The combination of trebles per course and short time is quite challenging. Contestant Holly Smith from Great Britain does the course less well. On the other hand, Simone Delister of France shines with his gray horse – he gets a one-time penalty.

Olympia 2021: Germany’s showjumping team takes third place from last in the line

+++ 11.58 AM: The track for the final in showjumping at the 2021 Olympics is very challenging with 14 – and sometimes very high – obstacles. The time allowed for the cycle is 82 seconds. Start the Argentine team. The German national team will take third place from the last – and Andre Thiem will start the German team.

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Tokyo – “I am very satisfied. We saw safe rides.” Otto Becker, the national coach of the German show jumpers, was delighted after his team qualified for the final in the 2021 Olympics. In three sovereign rounds, his riders managed to prove themselves against other teams. Only one country performed better in the team competition.

Olympia 2021: German riders want to be faster in the showjumping finals today

With no penalty points left, Sweden won the final in showjumping ahead of Germany. The German national team received four penalty points for time errors and was thus on a par with Belgium. For the last round, all penalty points collected so far will be deleted and teams will start from zero again. Riders want to avoid time mistakes here.

27-year-old Maurice Tebble from Emsborn with his horse Don Diarado took two penalty points in qualifying, so he wanted to be particularly tough in the final and hoped to be able to “ride a little faster”. First racer Andre Thiem took only one penalty point after performing less well in the individual competition. When his mare Chakaria stumbled slightly, “the 46-year-old jockey from Blau am See almost died.” Due to the good preliminary work done by his fellow competitors, finalist Daniel Deusser was able to get close to his lap in a relaxed manner.

A rider from the German national team horse
Daniel Deuser killer Queen
Andre Tim chakra
Maurice Tabeel Don Diarado

Olympia 2021: Ten teams will compete against each other in the showjumping final today

“There wasn’t a lot of pressure for me to ride in the time allowed.” Hessian rode safely over the jumps with Killer Queen and also accepted a time error. “If we ride like this again tomorrow, we definitely have a chance to fight for a medal,” the German rider said of the final in showjumping at Olympia 2021. A total of ten teams will compete against each other in the final round.

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In addition to Sweden, Germany and Belgium, Switzerland, the United States, France, Great Britain, Brazil, the Netherlands and Argentina were able to qualify. It will show whether the German riders can shine in the final after a good impression in the team qualifiers on Saturday (08/07/2021) at 12 noon. (rr t)