Oliver Bucher travels to the US and mocks ‘climate glue’: ‘What’s made of a climate budget’

Cologne/Florida – Oliver Bucher (44) He had gone through a long journey, but he had not lost his sharp tongue in the process. After the comedian Cologne He traveled more than 7,000 km by air to the United States, mocking the network about so-called climate stickers.

Oliver Bucher (44) mocks “climate glue” on the Internet. © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/Oliver Bucher

Everyone knows that flying isn’t exactly the greenest form of travel. After all, tons of carbon dioxide2 consumed, while other modes of transportation such as the train produce only a fraction of the emissions.

In order to visit his children, who live with ex-wife Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Folden, 39, in Florida, there was no way for Ollie Bucher to avoid a long, climate-damaging flight.

Upon arriving at his destination, Amira Bawshar’s husband, 30, informed his nearly 1.7 million followers on an Instagram story. “I look pretty tired but that’s what happens when you’re late for work,” the TV presenter frowned at the sight of himself.

Oliver Bucher
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Because of the time difference, Florida is six hours behind Germany in the winter. “But the weather is a little better,” Bucher explained, and couldn’t resist the climate activists’ subsequent excavation.


Oliver Bucher: “Before I fly to Bali, I get stuck on the road”

During his trip, he “did something for the balance of the climate before I flew to Bali to stick out in the street or in a tree.”

With the statement, Boucher alluded to a press address he had previously shared his story with. He criticizes the fact that “climate glue” – that is, people who stick to roads or paths in protest of climate policy – never showed up at a court hearing, and instead flew some 23,000km to Bali on vacation.

According to the report, a spokesperson for “Last Generation” explained the double standards as follows: “You [die Aktivisten, Anm. d. Red.] They book the trip as individuals, not climate keepers. You have to separate that.”

Apparently not a valid argument for Bucher: “Exactly, my comic!!!” The 44-year-old commented on the headline with a bit of sarcasm.

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