June 21, 2024

Oliver Bucher films a queer woman in the sports shop and pulls it off with a daring

New York / Cologne – Oliver Buchers (44) The hatred towards the network’s notoriety clearly knows no bounds. On his trip to the USA, the now-influential horror filmed a strange woman and was really bad about her.

Oliver Bucher, 44, and his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer Volden, 39, visited Summit One Vanderbilt, “every influencer’s wet dream.” © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/Oliver Bucher

While his goddaughter Amira, 30, is taking a break in Austria, Ole is visiting his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Folden, 39, in the States.

On the occasion of his daughter Nayla’s 13th birthday, the comedian crossed the pond, where “Sandy” has lived with her three children since the separation in 2013.

Now, despite some past friction, it seems the celebrity dads are hitting it off and taking to the streets of New York over the weekend.

Oliver Bucher
Oliver Bucher films a strange woman in the restaurant and the rowing attack begins

The comedian made a discovery in the middle of a huge, vibrant city and he couldn’t leave it without comment.

The self-appointed screen controller quickly pulled out his mobile phone and pointed the lens at a strange woman.


Pocher throws himself in his most poignant light on the viewing platform. © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/Oliver Bucher

Oliver Bucher blasphemes an unknown woman behind her back

Oliver Pocher shares his video of a queer woman on Instagram — along with a hateful comment. © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/Oliver Bucher

Standing in a sports store with her back to Bowsher, the strange girl in the red wool hat didn’t seem to notice that she was being photographed.

She, in turn, was holding a smartphone in her hand and seemed to have taken a video. Suddenly she threw herself – one hand behind her back and hip – into a rehearsed position.

Pocher shared the scene on an Instagram Story with his roughly 1.7 million followers and underlined the clip with his own song “Influenzer,” blasting acquaintances with lines like “For some likes you jump out the window.”

Oliver Bucher
Oliver Bucher settles scores with Henrik Stoltenberg after the “Nazi scandal”: “Schlonzeit!”

The TV presenter sarcastically commented on the intrigues of the unknown woman: “I like it too …”. “Don’t buy anything, but take photos and videos…”

An attack of disgusting slander, which the stranger did not notice. When the woman turned around unsuspectingly, she could be seen very clearly in Bucher’s story for a brief moment.

Apparently, the comedian did not consider it necessary to make the face of the hat-wearer unrecognizable. The fact that the video was made without her consent and that she is hardly happy about it doesn’t seem to matter to Bowsher.

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