December 3, 2023

Olaf Schultz in Sweden: The Experience of Reviving Social Democracy

Olaf Schultz in Sweden: The Experience of Reviving Social Democracy

German SPD candidate Olaf Schulz notes an international revival of social democracy.

The basics in brief

  • “We are currently witnessing – and we are part of it – a remarkable revival of social democratic and progressive parties across Europe and the world,” the acting Federal Finance Minister said Friday at the Swedish Social Democratic Party Congress in Gothenburg.

The social democrats in Denmark, Finland and more recently in Norway are on the rise again, and party friends in Portugal and Spain are doing well. “All of this has inspired us so much. Schulz said Joe Biden’s victory in the United States gave us an extra boost of encouragement. With this tailwind, the SPD went on the campaign trail for the federal election.

His party’s subsequent electoral success was primarily due to the fact that he succeeded in reconnecting with the electorate. “This approach can be summed up in a central idea, a central category, a clear and ethical argument: respect.” Respect is what everyone expects in life. As a social democrat, you have to advocate for issues that matter to real people.

The day before, Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson was elected as the new leader of the party at the party conference. In doing so, she succeeded Prime Minister Stefan Lofven at the helm of the party, which the Prime Minister wishes to inherit in the country’s highest political position.

Anderson Schulz, whom you know from meetings of EU finance ministers, was presented as “one of the most skilled politicians in Europe”. “You couldn’t have made a better choice,” Schulz told delegates about the 54-year-old’s election. “Honest,” he said in his speech, which Anderson thinks best describes the German word, is “honesty.”

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