December 2, 2023

Olaf Schultz elected as federal chancellor: international press reports - media

Olaf Schultz elected as federal chancellor: international press reports – media

The first day of the new government: the formation of Germany’s first traffic light coalition. The Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party elected Olaf Schulz as the new chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Many media companies, especially in Europe, of course, provide detailed reports, sometimes by live signals, on the end of the Merkel era and the swearing-in of her successor. Internationally, the question arises: Who is Olaf Schultz and what is he planning? Feedback and ratings are very different.


French newspaper the scientist He sees Olaf Schulz as a “reassuring German chancellor”. The left-leaning liberal newspaper commends the equal representation of the cabinet: “As a feminist, Olaf Schulz will head a government that for the first time will consist of an equal number of men and women.” Paris French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire was quoted as saying that Schulze is “a very stable man who knows his files in detail”. financial newspaper reverberation Expectations: “Both the health situation in Germany and international tensions will not allow Olaf Schulz to have any stature.”


Scandinavian countries regularly top international ratings for climate protection. The leading newspaper in Norway Aftenposten From Oslo he is mainly focused on the climate goals of the new Schulz government. It attests that the Ampel Alliance not only has an “ambitious program of renewal” when it comes to phasing out coal. The new government seeks to achieve “ambitious goals in the production of renewable energy.”

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The New Zurich TimesAnd Which in the past few years has increasingly tried to address conservative groups of readers in Germany, Schulz’s election has been accompanied extensively in her reporting. Now she prophesies: “With all the turmoil ahead, Schulze will do what he has been doing successfully for many years: show that you get with him what I commanded, and lead, and command, and confirm. The wind, even if it blows in your face.”


The country’s largest circulation newspaper, CountryAnd Analytics: “The critical impetus for public recognition came with the pandemic.” Schultz knew how to act, “He took out the checkbook in time – the bazooka, as he called it.” He has helped millions of businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the crisis. the scientist On the other hand, criticism of the new German chancellor is not without: “He personifies continuity, but that which, along with a lack of charisma and moderation, causes boredom.” Schulz “Not Willie Brant”. It does not arouse feelings. “His tone of voice is monotonous, his body language is very poor and his speech is very thick.”

Czech Republic:

People’s NewspaperY, a conservative newspaper published since 1893, wrote that “the appointed chancellor Olaf Schultz has big plans for his new government. The focus is on the transition to a green economy and on digitalization. But eventually the ability to work from the Cabinet will change in situations no one expected.” From before “.

United States of America:

The The New York Times “Olav Schultz intends to turn Germany into a kind of political laboratory to try to mend the bridge between the Social Democrats and the working class; an attempt that parallels President Biden’s political agenda in the United States,” he says.

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Middle east:

news channel Al Jazeera He does not report the swearing in of Scholz on his Arabic website, but does so on his English site. The editorial team also provides reports in a prominent place there. With his “no-nonsense realist style”, Schulz has positioned himself as the logical successor to Merkel, Writes Qatar-based media company. Reporter Steph Weissen noted the change of government in Berlin. It talks about a “historic day for Germany” “Scholes is seen as calm and attractive,” says Weisen. “He promised change.”

South Africa:

South African news site freelance online, which serves many of the country’s small newspapers as a joint website, highlights the similarities between Schultz and his predecessor, Merkel. The outgoing chancellor leaves ‘big strides’ as the majority of Germans are ‘satisfied with their leadership’ “Although he belongs to a rival party, Schultz has this source of approval. Made” states the article.