July 15, 2024

Offline capable: X-Plane Flight Simulator 12 is available as a box of ten DVDs

Offline capable: X-Plane Flight Simulator 12 is available as a box of ten DVDs

Like Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Austin Meyer X-Plane 12 is now shipping on DVD. There are a total of ten pieces According to Flightsimwebshop in the package. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator could also be purchased on ten DVDs, but the data on the discs was useless. After installation, Microsoft requested an update to the full size of the simulator, since the version on the disks was quite old. In addition, there is also an online commitment with the disc release from Microsoft. The license is associated with a Microsoft account. However, Microsoft sometimes requires owners of DVD boxes to insert the first DVD into the drive.

Austin Meyer and his developer company, Laminar Research, are taking a more customer-friendly approach. Although an update is always necessary here too, the basic data for the game comes from DVDs and this is at least 25 GB that must be installed. If you have a bad internet connection, just do the relatively small updates. Mayer has been known to support his games over a long period of time.

Offline mode and license pairing

Another feature is the offline mode that the game offers in the disc distribution. This also simplifies the association of multiple licenses. In X-Plane 12, it is possible to connect several computers, each of which requires a license. In this way, more complex cockpits can be assembled or the tooling outsourced. Sometimes it makes sense to run multiple instances of a game on a single computer, even if the RAM requirements have increased dramatically.

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X-Plane 12 differs from Flight Simulator in its implementation Blade element theory. To put it simply, X-Plane looks at the actual model and uses the hull to judge whether and how the model flies. The system works so well that it is also used in aircraft development, for example at Airbus.

Austin Mayer is also directly involved. the eVTOL aircraft from beta It was then tested for the first time in X-Plane 11 for its ability to fly. Based on the then real prototype of the aircraft, Meyer discovered some errors in the simulation, which are the basis for the improved model of X-Plane 12. According to Meyer, the X-Plane 12 still encounters difficulties when the plane not only receives lift from the wings, but also form mounting from the fuselage.

DVD set costs are Amazon about 70 euros

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