June 21, 2024

Nuclear negotiations with Iran are heading to the last stage

Nuclear negotiations with Iran are heading to the last stage

According to European negotiators, talks on restoring the nuclear deal with Iran are entering their final stage.

Since political decisions in the countries concerned are now necessary to reach a solution, a high-ranking European representative said Friday evening, negotiations in Vienna will be suspended so that diplomats can travel to their capitals for consultations. “January was the most intense phase of these talks to date,” the senior representative said. It is known that we are now reaching the final stage.”

Germany, France and the United Kingdom, along with Russia and China, have mediated between Iran and the United States for months to save the 2015 deal.

The goal is to lift US economic sanctions and, in return, to rein in Iran’s nuclear program in order to prevent the development of nuclear weapons.

The United States and the three European countries have emphasized in the past that an agreement must be reached in Vienna in the near future. Otherwise, Tehran’s nuclear program will be so advanced that it cannot be contained even with the revival of the agreement.

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