April 25, 2024

Now she is breaking her silence

Defeat court for former US President Donald Trump (76)! The Republican should pay the writer E.J. Jean Carroll (79) million dollars in compensation. Trump sexually harassed her in the 1990s. A grand jury found him guilty.

Trump himself called the ruling a “disgrace” and “the continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time”. Referring to Carroll, the 76-year-old said, “I have absolutely no idea who this woman is.” Announce an appeal.

And his wife Melania Trump (53)? Born in Slovenia, she broke her week-long silence shortly after the ruling was announced. The 53-year-old hasn’t said a word about the ruling itself, but she supported her husband in his election campaign.

In an interview with Fox News, the former first lady made it clear that Donald has her support. “My husband has had tremendous success in his first term and he can once again lead us to greatness and prosperity.”

Melania and Donald look forward to “restoring hope in the future and leading America with love and strength.”

For a long time it was not clear whether Melania Trump would publicly support her husband in his election campaign. According to the US media, the 53-year-old wants to stay away from politics. Then Donald begged his wife to join him. Finally, Melania agreed.

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