December 10, 2023

Now pay special attention to fake emails

Now pay special attention to fake emails

Beware of Prime Day scams

Watch out, trap? You have to be doubly vigilant when it comes to supposed emails from Amazon. Scammers like to try to get account details with fake messages. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The method often leads to this via fake emails, which in turn leads to websites that are fake and deceptively real in the guise of Amazon. Here customers have to, for example, reactivate their account – but in fact, the scammers only access the login data. There are quite a few, according to Amazon MethodsFor real amazon mail:

-always come from an address ending in “”, for example[email protected]”,”[email protected]”, or”[email protected]This only applies to purchases from “”. For example, if you buy something from Amazon UK, “” is the sender domain.

– If there are links to websites, they should lead to “” or its equivalent in another country. For example “” when you go to the French website. Legitimate Amazon sites have a dot in front of “”, for example “” for the Amazon Pay website. The numbers are never before the point of legitimate Amazon sites.

In general, the company advises against clicking on links or attachments in suspicious emails. If you are asked to enter your details again, you should check if it is really an Amazon site.

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– According to its own information, Amazon never asks users for personal data via email or asks customers to change their payment information without referring to an existing order. Anyone asked to do something like this via email should go to the My Orders area of ​​their Amazon account. If there is no problem with the payment method, the email in question is fake.

– Spelling errors or strange phrases are another warning sign. Phishing scammers are getting better too, but small mistakes often reveal fake messages.

The recipients of these emails can report them to Amazon. This either goes as an attachment to an email message to[email protected]or in help area Site.

Amazon help with fake emails