May 21, 2024

Notable guests!  The national team drops at Kia Metropol Arena - Sports

Notable guests! The national team drops at Kia Metropol Arena – Sports

– Star Dennis Schroeder will not be present, as will many talented German basketball players. However, the people in Nuremberg are very happy that the German national basketball team will be visiting them on November 25, 2021. The World Cup qualifier match against Estonia is the premiere of new national coach Gordon Herbert, and there must also be Franconi.

when? when? where?

Not long ago, the German national team was a guest of Nuremberg. In 2006, Dirk Nowitzki played at the Nürnberger Versicherung Arena against Canada, and the German Basketball Association (DBB) also stopped here in 2003 and 2004. After a 15-year hiatus, Germany’s best basketball players are back in town again, and now of course Without Nowitzki. At the Kia Metropol Arena, the new living room of the Nürnberg Falcons, it will take place on November 25, 2021 from 7pm as part of the 2023 World Cup qualification against Estonia.

Who plays for Germany?

Good question. New national coach Gordon Herbert has called up 45 players in the past few weeks, all but one of whom have expressed their motivation to play for the national team. The problem is that the NBA and the Euroleague, the main European competition, do not care about the windows for international matches during the season. The fact that the best basketball players in Germany come to Nuremberg is not true. At DBB they talk about “the best possible team”, which in recent years has been largely made up of the best German players in the Bundesliga Not They work for Bayern Munich or Alba Berlin. Or play in the NBA, as Dennis Schroeder (Boston Celtics), his friend Daniel Theiss (Houston Rockets) or the Wagner Brothers (Orlando Magic).

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Why should you look at it anyway?

For true basketball fans, of course, this question does not arise for anyone else: because the national team has shown in recent years that it can do a lot without big stars. Without Schroeder, Thies or Maudu Lou, the team’s game would undoubtedly be less exciting, but in the end commitment and passion were on their side. In the absence of the most prominent representatives, others want to prove at the premiere of Gordon Herbert that they are also candidates for the European Championship 2022 in their country or for the World Cup 2023. And while the league is not active, at least in Germany, all those who have not already attended the Falcons game can at home This season get acquainted with the stylish new Nuremberg circuit.

Is the franc represented, and perhaps Nuremberg?

Of course, this cannot be evaluated reliably, but there is a very good chance of including at least one or three CHF. Christian Singfelder (Bruce Bamberg) has worked his way up to being one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga in the past few years and was recently appointed as a permanent fixture when Maximilian Kleber (Dallas Mavericks) or Danilo Barthel (Fenerbahce Istanbul) were banned. Sengfelder’s teammate at Bamberg, Kenneth Ogbe, who once wore a Franconian Witcher jersey, would also be a candidate, and quarterback Andreas Seiferth (Medi Bayreuth) was repeatedly nominated for qualifying matches under Herbert Henrik Rudel’s predecessor. Nuremberg Bastian Doreth (Midi Bayreuth) did not appear recently for the national team, but he did not officially end his career with the national team. A return to his hometown is not entirely excluded, but rather unlikely.

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How do I get tickets now?

Tickets for the international match at the Kia Metropol Arena are available from only €12 through DBB Online Store. The 3G plus rule applies to visitors.

Will the meeting be broadcast as well?

Yes. At least if the term “TV” is defined a little more, it’s a little more modern. broadcast platform magenta sport All international matches have been broadcast live for a number of years, and that will also be the case this time around.