May 18, 2024

North Korea accuses the United States of "double play"

North Korea accuses the United States of “double play”

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un. (Archives)

Keystone / AP

Pyongyang has clearly criticized the agreement between the United States and South Korea. The abrogation of the missile agreement is evidence of a “double game”.

North Korea’s state media has criticized the United States’ agreement to raise the maximum range of South Korean military missiles. In one comment, she accused the United States of pursuing anti-Pyongyang policies and of “doubling the game”. “Although they praise their dialogue, they are engrossed in confrontation,” said the article on Monday, attributed by the Korean Central News Agency to Kim Myung Chol, a “critic of international affairs”.

This was North Korea’s first reaction to US President Joe Biden’s meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, in Washington on May 21. Both agreed to lift the current guidelines for restrictions on missile development by South Korea.

In light of the conflict over North Korea’s nuclear and missile program, both allies have changed the guidelines that were originally introduced in 1979 several times over the past few years in order to relax the regulations. The range of military missiles was recently set to a maximum of 800 km. However, the maximum warhead weight of 500 kilograms has been raised.

The KCNA commentator was quoted as saying that many countries will now view the US government’s policy on North Korea regarding “maximum flexibility” as a hoax. The US move to give South Korea free rein in missile development aims to trigger an arms race on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.

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