Nokia starts changing the image with a new logo

Although Nokia has not made its own smartphones for a long time, the range is still associated with mobile devices. To build a new image and association with business and metaverse, Nokia changed its logo.


When you think of Nokia, you should first think of old devices from the previous manufacturer. Although smartphones under the Nokia brand still appear today, Nokia no longer makes cell phones themselves. The latest Nokia models are developed and marketed by HMD Global. However, not all owners of compatible devices should be aware of this. For this reason, Nokia now wants to differentiate itself more strongly from the smartphone segment and is striving for a new image.

To build a new image…
… Nokia modified its logo

Logo in five different shapes

how Reuters In reports, the new logo consists of five different shapes that represent the letters of the company’s name. The president confirms that at present the company is focusing on business technologies. The group also plans to change the strategy. Nokia wants to help advance digitization in a number of areas.

With fixed-line, mobile and cloud technologies, the company is well positioned to play a critical role in the Metaverse. The focus is on collaborations with companies that, among other things, are developing digital twins for entire factories. Nokia also wants to participate in the 6G standard. HMD Global will continue to offer smartphones in the future. However, the devices will be released with the old Nokia logo.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the group’s plan will work and if Nokia can successfully establish itself in the Metaverse territory. It is also still not clear if the company will succeed in reducing the links to the former smartphone division. Many users may still think of phones in the future when they hear the name Nokia. Changing the name entirely would, of course, have the disadvantage that the awareness of the group would also be limited in the business sector.

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