No more blurry photos: an AI tool with amazing results

Low-resolution images quickly become unusable when you try to enlarge them. Upscayl’s free AI tool provides a remedy and delivers amazing results.

Whether it’s pixelated cell phone photos from summer vacation or blurred family photos from your old digital camera: what we thought were good photos a few years ago are often not so good to look at in the times of high-resolution screens.

With the free tool “Upscayl” you can create low resolution Classy photos without sacrificing quality. The software uses artificial intelligence to turn even the largest pixel mess into a pixel pure pictures.

Download: Upscale

Free AI software sharpens pixelated images

Upscayl technology upscales low-resolution images using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Image: screenshot/slide

With Upscayl, you can have a powerful photo enlarger on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer – completely free and without ads.

The program is very easy to use. First select a single photo or an entire photo folder to enlarge it.

Then choose the metering mode (Fast, Balanced, or Ultra Sharp) and the output folder. Depending on the image and measurement mode, the process may take some time.

Upscayl: Simple yet powerful

More functions are available for experienced users.

Image: screenshot/slide

You can also change the output format of the file in the settings. You can choose between PNG, JPG, and web. The “Double Upscayl” function allows for 16x scaling, but this doesn’t work well for all images.

Advanced users can also try Upscayl’s experimental features. The program makes it possible, for example, to import your own AI models.

For image processing, the program requires a compatible graphics card Volcano API compatible. So the software may not work on older computers.

Download: Upscale

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