June 14, 2024

Nintendo Switch successor: Has evidence been discovered?

suspicious report

Nintendo with a new console – did a British authority leak the name?

It has long been rumored that Nintendo is launching a new console. Now, a veiled passage in an official document from England fuels these rumours.


The Switch is popular: is Nintendo releasing a new console?


Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017. The manufacturer has had great success with the console. The Switch is currently the third best-selling console in the world, after the PS4 and PS1, according to Digitaltrends.com.

It is rumored that Nintendo is working on a new console. After all, it’s been almost six years since the key came out. Although there was an update with the Oled key (end of 2021), something completely new can now follow.

Nintendo: a new console?

How does speculation come about? It is backed up by a line in a 43-page report from the UK’s competition and markets authority, the CMA. The agency recently took action against Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Therefore, many cloud game services are listed in the document. Nintendo Online talks about a well-known Nintendo Switch and a name that was omitted from the report (see photo gallery).

The term omitted in the CMA report could describe an upcoming console that Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal through a report from the agency, Arstechnica.com writes. While fans already see this as a strong indication that a new Nintendo console is coming soon, the explanation could also be more trivial and simply contain a sub-sentence that someone didn’t want to see in the report.

Billion deal

Another possibility is that Nintendo would like to expand its cloud gaming offering to other devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. However, offering official emulators for games on these devices would be a clear departure from manufacturer policy today.

In any case, Switch fans can look forward to a notable newcomer in the future. For example, Microsoft struck a ten-year deal with Nintendo this week. The ‘Call of Duty’ game series should be coming to Switch in the future. This is despite the $69 billion acquisition deal between Microsoft and Activision that has yet to be finalized.

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