December 3, 2023

Nintendo puts the pirate buggy in jail

Nintendo puts the pirate buggy in jail

A year ago, Nintendo managed to capture the “Xecuter” hacker group for the first time, including Bowser. This now faces up to ten years in prison.

The basics in brief

  • Under the direction of hacker Gary Bowser, the “Xecuter” group illegally sells Nintendo software.
  • Hackers were caught and prosecuted by Nintendo just over a year ago.
  • The head of the group now faces a full ten years in prison.

It has been Nintendo for over a year Now after the cart. Gary Bowser and his “Xecuter” group illegally sell Nintendo software and mods for online games. The hacker now faces a heavy prison sentence.

4.5 million compensation for Nintendo

for the first time Legal action Lifted against the cart Passed in AprilIn this case, the US Department of Justice was also involved. It is now certain that the Nintendo hacker group will pay $4.5 million in damagesdollar He is guilty. For 52-year-old Gary Bowser, Penalty But still much higher.

As reported by PCGames, the hacker could now face up to ten years in prison. The exact sentence will be determined soon at another hearing. Bowser also faces other penalties for money laundering and other crimes.

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