October 4, 2023

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Nintendo plans major investments in game development and online infrastructure – ntower

In the past few days, Nintendo Insight into business personalities Given for the last quarter. In addition, the traditional Japanese company dared to look ahead to the next year and told investors and interested parties how to do so. He succeeded again in 2022 I would like to stay.

As part of the presented future plans, a forward-looking view is given of how the company intends to reinvest the revenue of the last few years. Two areas in particular stand out. So you want Nintendo up 100 billion yen, equivalent to approximately 763 million euros, in Expand the development of special games investment. The amount explicitly refers to studios and structures that are already part of the Nintendo portfolio. So purchases and acquisitions from other studios are excluded here.

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Amount greater than the total 300 billion yen Or just under the 2.29 billion euros Nintendo wants in Maintain and expand your online infrastructure investment. This includes both specially operated networks and users’ Nintendo accounts. According to the company, the investments are intended to help strengthen relationships with clients.

In your opinion, which parts of the group as a whole would benefit the most from the investments?

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