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Wodinka Hill:

Point K: 40 m
Tower height: 13.7 MB
Other leaps: No
Mats: No
Construction year: 1938
Transfers: 1954
Cancellation year: Which – which. 1975
status: rip
Coordinates: 45.772651, -87.998142


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In Niagara, a neighboring town in Iron Mountain, construction of the ski jump began on Wodenka Hill in 1937 under the direction of Herb Peterson. In 1938 the wooden hill was opened, on which Peterson made the dedication jump. The annual competitions attracted up to 1,500 spectators until 1950. In 1942, Torger Tokle and Art Devlin came to Niagara to prepare for the Pine Mountain Jump.

In the summer of 1954, the decaying wooden tower was replaced by a steel structure, built with a budget of just $ 2,200 from 11 electric towers in volunteer work. A searchlight system has also been installed for night jumping. As alpine skiing expanded, interest in skiing decreased and so the hill was dismantled after 1975.

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