July 15, 2024

NHS pledges to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040 – Thred website

NHS pledges to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040 – Thred website

The NHS will improve its HPV vaccination programme, and urge more women to book screening appointments, as a third of them have been found not to contact their GP when asked.

Last week, NHS England chief Amanda Pritchard announced that thanks to improved HPV screening and vaccination rates, there was hope that cervical cancer would be almost non-existent in the UK by 2040.

This is believed to be the first time the health service has offered the possibility of ruling out any form of the disease within a specific time period, although Pritchard explained that the specific target is based on many more women attending appointments than currently.

Under normal circumstances, 1.5 million appointments are missed each year due to fear, physical disability, embarrassment, previous negative experiences, or “busy schedules.”

“It’s really rewarding to be able to pursue such an important, life-saving goal today,” she said.

“Eliminating cervical cancer would be an amazing achievement, and through a combination of our HPV vaccination program and our highly effective cervical cancer screening, this could become a reality in the next two decades.”

“As always, the public can do their part by coming forward for vaccinations and screenings when invited – to achieve our goal of eliminating cervical cancer, we need as many people as possible to take up this offer.” “It could save your life.”

There are currently 9.5 cases of cervical cancer per 100,000 women in England – more than double the target rate and a figure that has remained steady over the past decade.