NHL: World champion attacks German ice hockey star Tim Stutzel

German ice hockey player and World Cup candidate Tim Stutzel is accused of acting. After the Ottawa Senators scored 6-3 against the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL, Brendan Gallagher accused the 20-year-old of playing unfairly.

“In more than half the games we played against him, he put himself on the ice and the next change is right back on the ice. He’s lying on the ice, pretending to be injured, and kissing the whistle,” said Gallagher, 29, who won World Cup gold with Canada in 2016. .

Ice hockey: an accusation against the German professional at NHL Stützle

Stutzel scored 2-1 in the game against Gallagher-led Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday night. It was the 15th goal of the season for the man from Versen, who in his second season in the world’s top ice hockey league has already surpassed his 11 goals since the first year.

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“The kids are watching us. We are setting an example. If I were his teammate, I would ask him to do better,” Gallagher, who has been with the Canadians since 2011, said. Stützle is a very good and talented player, but he has to stop acting.

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