December 9, 2023

NFL UK appoints Henry Hodgson as new CEO

NFL UK appoints Henry Hodgson as new CEO

MUNICH – Henry Hodgson will take on the new position as NFL UK General Manager for Great Britain.

Based in Los Angeles, the current Vice President of International Marketing will return to his home country of the United Kingdom to oversee the NFL’s UK operations and report to Brett Gosper, President of Europe and the United Kingdom.

A few months ago, the NFL appointed Alexander Steinfurth, the first managing director for the Germany region.

Hodgson first worked as a public relations assistant in the NFL’s London office in 1995 and later became an editor at before moving to Los Angeles in 2010 to become a director of digital content. He has led the league’s international marketing efforts since 2016.

keep growing

“I am looking forward to returning to the UK and having the opportunity to build on the incredible momentum of the past decade,” Hodgson said.

“The growth is evident in the size of the fan base and the way NFL fans interact with the sport on television and social media – whether it be at the London Games or at many other touch points. I look forward to working with her talented team at NFL UK to continue This growth,” Hodgson continued.

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