May 23, 2024

NFL Thanksgiving 2022: Stream today's football games on TV and stream for free

NFL Thanksgiving 2022: Stream today’s football games on TV and stream for free

Thanksgiving Day is one of the biggest and most important holidays in the United States. Moreover Thanksgiving games in the NFL It is a tradition for many years. Three matches It takes place today, one after the other – football runs from 6:30pm until late Friday night. But why actually? And who plays on Thanksgiving?

Here you can learn all about it NFL broadcast on television and broadcast.

Thanks and NFL

Usually the whole family arrives Thanksgiving together. The next day – Black Friday – the tradition officially begins New Year’s season in the United States of America. Football has been played on the last Thursday in November since 1876, when it was still varsity teams. The games were scheduled for Thanksgiving Day because that was when most Americans were free to go to the stadium.

In 1934 he was the owner Detroit Lions By the way a Home match on Thanksgiving to unsubscribe. Thus was born the tradition of lions being part of the Thanksgiving games along with the home game. 1966 Adaptation Dallas Cowboys This tradition is playing as the second home team on Thanksgiving.

Since 2006 There is also one Third matchbut still Without a permanent team. This year, the Minnesota Vikings play a home game against the New England Patriots.

NFL on TV and Live: Thanksgiving Day games broadcast November 24, 2022

Three Thanksgiving games are currently being played in the NFL.

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Overview of German channels NFL You can get it from here:

ProSieben and The NFL in Free Streaming and Free TV

  • From 10:30 pm live on ProSieben and in a free broadcast: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
  • From 2:20 a.m. live on ProSieben and in free streaming (Friday, November 25): New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

DAZN: NFL LIVE PAID Broadcasting

  • Live from 6:30 p.m.: Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions

Game Pass: 24/7 paid football streaming

  • Always: NFL Network Live 24/7
  • Live from 6:30 p.m.: Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions
  • From 10:30 pm directly: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
  • Live from 02:20 AM (Friday 25 November): New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

NFL games outside the United States

Also this year he plays NFL Again some games on foreign soil. In the 2022-23 NFL season Five exciting football matches outside the United States discharged. three of them in London And one in each Mexico City And the Munich. The match in Munich was a complete success. Almost 70,000 spectators watched the match live at the Allianz Arena and created a great atmosphere. There may be two matches in Germany in 2023.

FREE TV 2022/23: Watch the NFL for free this season

Everything stays the same this season. ProSieben Offers from 2 to 3 games On every game day, including one game at 7:00 PM and another at 10:20 PM Live on free tv on me ProSieben or ProSieben MAXX you can see. all in all 57 matches ProSieben appears this season Free. From 2023/24 Free TV broadcast rights are included RTL.

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Paid Streams: DAZN and NFL Game Pass

Dazen She will continue to present the German-speaking (ENDZN) and American (RedZone) 7:00 p.m. this year. In addition, there is always a game at 7:00 PM with German commentary in the regular season. DAZN shows this All prime time games During the night Thursday to Friday, Sunday to Monday (2:20 AM) and Monday to Tuesday (2:15 AM),
Who wants the full program and Every match is live wants to see come to NFL arcade game Not around. All previous season, regular season, playoff games and, of course, the Super Bowl are shown here. In addition, NFL Network is a 24-hour information and news channel about the NFL.

Football: More information about the NFL, teams, and the game Munich

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