June 23, 2024

NFL scores Week 13: Saints get “A” to win again without Drew Brees, Titans score “D” for losing Brown

It took three years, but it eventually happened: Tissum Hill He delivered the first touchdown pass in his NFL career. Shawn Payton He insisted for a while now that Hill He has what it takes to be the next Steve Young, and although that claim has raised some eyebrows about the NFL over the years, The saints The quarterback showed glimpses of just how well he could get during New Orleans’ 21-16 victory over Atlanta.

Hill didn’t just use his feet to run around Hawks, But he also used his right arm when throwing 232 yards and two drops. When these two teams met again in Week 11, Hill had only 23 passes, but in this game, Payton decided to order things by having him throw 37 times, and Hill responded by completing 27 of those passes.

The most impressive part about Hill’s performance is that he always wore a clutch. The Saints were converted into six third-place plays from six or more yards in the game and five of these came on throws from Hill. This total included a third transform, 13, a third transform, and 17 on Himself Driving in the first half that extended to the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter. The ability to turn third was a big reason New Orleans won.

In the game’s first Saints scoring campaign, Hill switched third and sixth places with a seven-yard pass to Jared Cook Then one time later, he came up with one of the biggest plays in the game for New Orleans.

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That’s a 43-yard run and it’s huge, because one play later, Hill will deliver the first touch pass of his career.

Scoring throw’s Tre’Quan Smith It gave the Saints a 7-0 lead that they would never give up on.

Hill’s second touch pass came in third late in the second quarter, and it was great, because if he didn’t change Saints, they might have to settle for a field goal.

Thanks to a large portion of Hill, the saints were able to survive without him Drew Press, Who has now missed three matches due to a rib injury. Although the Brees were knocked out, the Saints still managed to go 3-0. The crazy thing about Saints is that this team somehow found a way to grow when Bryce came out. Since the start of last season, the Saints 8-0 when someone other than Brees starts up in the quarterback.

The fact that Hill has had some serious playing time for the past three weeks is huge for New Orleans as he prepares for the post-season. Firstly, this means Hill will be comfortable with starting if something happens to Brees, and also, if Brees returns, Payton will likely be more comfortable putting on larger packs for Hill once the Saints reach the playoffs. This would keep the opposition of the defenses sincere and make it nearly impossible to stop the Saints crime in the post-season period. The Hill experience has been a win-win for both of you, and may lead to more victories down the road.

Okay, so let’s get to the scores for each game starting at week 13.

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New Orleans 21-16 over Atlanta

Degrees of the Saints-Falcons by Patrick Walker (Do you like grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Miami 19-7 above Cincinnati

Minnesota 27-24 above Jacksonville (OT)

Las Vegas 31-28 over New York Planes

Indianapolis 26-20 on Houston

Detroit 34-30 above Chicago

Lions-Bears Degrees by Josh Edwards (Do you like grades? Hate grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Cleveland 41-35 over Tennessee

Browns-Titans Degrees by Jordan Dajani (Love degrees? Hate degrees? Let him know on Twitter.)

LA Rams 38-28 over Arizona

Rams-Cardinals scores by Bryan DeArdo (Love the scores? Hate the scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

New York Giants 17-12 over Seattle

Green Bay 16-30 over Philadelphia

Eagles-Packers scores by Jeff Kerr (Do you like scores? Hate scores? Let him know on Twitter.)

New England 45-0 over Los Angeles Chargers

Patriots-Chargers Degrees by Tyler Sullivan (Do You Like Degrees? Hate Degrees? Let him know on Twitter.)