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Monday, September 19, 2022, Ralph Hersl

A little less than a month ago I discovered alternative F-Droid clients written. Since then, I’ve been using the Neo Store on my Android phone to install, manage, and update apps from the F-Droid (and other) repositories. It’s time for an interim report.

The screenshot shows three main screens of the app: explore, displays all applications from selected repositories (F-Droid, IzzyOnDroid, F-Droid Archive, Guardian, MicroG, etc.), which can be filtered by category (see top bar). under else It introduces new apps and shows those that have received an update recently. in the knight installedYou can find those apps that you have installed on your phone by yourself.

In the installed It also shows which apps you have installed and for which there is an update. Then it looks similar to tab else (above in new apps). I wasn’t able to take a screenshot of it because I had already installed updates before considering this article. There you will find the button install all (or something like that).

In addition to the three main tabs, there are four other tabs in Settings that can be accessed via the gear icon. There you specify the options for PersonalizationAnd the ModernizationAnd the package source And the else settings.

With this abundance lies New store app At the top of the F-Droid alternative clients. So far, so good. But what about updating multiple apps? It’s hard for me to make a final verdict. Open Neo Store and tap Tab installed On the update button (or swipe down), the installed apps that have an update to display will appear in the top row.

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Now when you click the button install all Kinds, things happen that I don’t quite understand. I expect all offered updates to be installed. What actually happens is this: it takes a while for the Android notification to appear saying that the APK is waiting for approval to be installed. You do of course because you are conditioned to do so as an F-Droid user. Then you wait for this process to continue with the next update to be installed. However, that doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t show a progress bar for the whole process, which I find annoying. So you have to click again install all And repeat the process described earlier: approve the APK for installation.

Maybe my Android settings are blocking all updates from going through, or the Neo Store can’t do a better job. I don’t know. at least he does install all Not what it promises. I’d be interested to know about your experiences with the update behavior of the Neo Store. Please write it in the comments. Despite this slight frown, I can recommend the Neo Store.

source: https://github.com/NeoApplications/NeoStore