May 22, 2024

Newly founded Wooden Alien development studio today announced its first title, Space Prison

Wooden Alien, a newly established development studio based in Krakow, announced its first title today Space prison For Steam PC, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series. It is a turn-based tactical survival game with cell building elements and a unique social ranking system.

Space Prison is located in a maximum security intergalactic prison in the darkest hole in the universe. It is an experimental facility that houses both guilty and innocent alien creatures under the jurisdiction of the artificial system. Players take on the role of a strange alien creature and unravel the mystery of the sinister facility and the legendary convict who allegedly managed to escape. Space Prison’s unique social arrangement sees players create allies and enemies, join gangs and earn respect in their fight for survival to rise to the top and eventually reach the ultimate goal: beautiful freedom!

Space Prison features many alien cosmic characters, each with their own abilities, weapons, and gear that can be crafted and upgraded. “Inside” the player chooses one of the galactic gangs to join. Each of them offers different gameplay and unique game mechanics, as well as their own secret gang hideout. The game also offers lots of customization options for the cells, collecting scraps and upgrading the super fancy furniture: a wobbly workbench, storage space in the slot behind posters, and a whole host of jail break accessories.

about the charge Steam page Players can now join the Space Prison community, wishlist the game and support the developers. More information about Wooden Alien can be found on their official website:

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