October 4, 2023

New Zealand is "uncomfortable" expanding its intelligence alliance with China

New Zealand is “uncomfortable” expanding its intelligence alliance with China

New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuta said on Monday that her country is uncomfortable expanding intelligence services with the United States and other countries over China. Reported by Bloomberg.

“We found with the Five Eyes Partners that we feel embarrassed to develop the Five Eyes relationship,” Mahota told reporters on Monday in Wellington. “We love looking for multilateral ways to express our concerns on a range of issues.”

The Five Eyes Alliances date back to World War II and include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The new statement underscores how tensions over China can separate the United States from some of its allies.

According to Bloomberg, New Zealand did not release a joint statement with other Five Eyes members following the mass arrests in Hong Kong in January.

“New Zealand has been very confident that Five Eyes will not be considered the first stop in news on a number of topics that are already outside the purview of Five Eyes,” Mahota said in the Bloomberg report.

We did not like this approach, and we expressed it to the Five Eyes Partners. We prefer to look for other forms of support in the region, which may or may not be these countries. ”

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