New videos in the impeachment process – a fugitive penny and police officers in need – and Trump just saw it

Democrats are filing indictment with new videos and voices from January 6th. They show how close the mob is to the politicians on the Capitol.

CCTV video: Excerpt showing Republican Senator and Trump critic Mitt Romney’s official signal to turn around.

Video: Tamedia

The outcome of this impeachment process may not be debatable. Donald Trump still has to fear his indictment thanks to his continued influence in the Republican Party. But that doesn’t mean the process hasn’t really produced images, sounds, and impressions that many Americans will likely stay with for longer. Horror scenes, scenes of shame.

The second day of negotiations in the Senate was for the nine Democrats from the House of Representatives who acted as prosecutors at the trial, the so-called impeachment directors. They are allowed to present their arguments about Trump’s subsequent 16-hour trial and spread over the course of two days, in which they accuse them of inciting an uprising for his role in the storming of the Capitol. And on Wednesday at least, some Republicans admit, they did so with some skill.

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